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Notes on Presentations

  • All presentations in breakout sessions should be no longer than 20 minutes, including any clips you may choose to use.
  • After all papers in a session have been presented, a Q & A, moderated by the session chair, will follow.
  • Our conference rooms will be master classrooms and will have an entire PC computer setup along with a DVD/Blue Ray and Internet access.
  • Because connecting laptops to the system can sometimes be troublesome, we encourage everyone to bring a thumb/USB drive loaded with your presentation and run it from the classroom computer.
  • One good way to show clips would be via Netflix, which now has all of Mad Men If you have a Netflix account, you can cue a clip up in advance and then access it during your presentation.
  • Please keep in mind that non-US DVDs will not be playable in our players. We will have American (Region 1) DVDs available at the conference.
  • We advise bringing whatever you’re most comfortable with and then perhaps a backup.
  • Each room will also have a document camera.
  • Tech support will be available for each and every session.
  • Please let us know if you have questions.

E-mail us with concerns or questions at